How Profitable Is an In-Store ATM Installation Service?

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Do you own a store or premises? It might be the time to install an ATM in your store to reap some benefits.

If you haven’t wondered how an ATM installation can help you, you should. Not only do ATM installations generate revenue, but they are convenient for your customers too. This article has compiled a list of how ATM machines help store owners. Keep reading to find out why an ATM is a good idea for your business.


Explore How an In-Store ATM Installation Profits You

There are so many ways an ATM installation can help you. If you want to know more, consider reading the following points.

· Increase Traffic

When you install an ATM machine on your premises, many new customers will stop by specifically because of that ATM machine. And this is the best way to bring people into your business. So, an ATM machine works as a lead magnet.

· It Increases Customer Loyalty

An ATM installation brings new traffic to your store. According to a recent survey, almost 82% of customer is happy that ATMs are available to suit their needs.

Once they know your store has ATM, they will always use your store to access their money. In this way, it will bring more customers regularly.

· You Can Save Money on Credit Card Fees

Not only can you earn extra money with an ATM machine, but you can also save money. If you don’t run a cash-only establishment, you should pay a fee every time you process a customer’s credit card.

But with an ATM machine, your customer can directly withdraw cash and make their payment. So, when your customers pay through cash, you don’t need to use a credit card. And this way, you can save a lot of money on the transaction fee.

· It Is a Safe Option for your Customer

Most people feel safer using an ATM that is located inside a store and have surveillance, lighting, and a good reputation. So, your premises enhance the comfort and safety of your customer. And they can comfortably withdraw cash without any worry.

Do You Want to Install an ATM in Your Store?

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