ATM Processing

You will surely benefit from our ATM processing services if:

1. Your current ATM agreement is going to expire soon.

2. You are not satisfied with your current provider

3. You had problems or unresolved issues and are looking for help.

4. You just purchased an ATM Machine and you need to turn it on.

5. You just bought a business and it has an ATM machine and you don’t know who to call.

6. No matter what your problem is, we are here to help. Contact us to know more.


  • Free processing – NO setup fees, NO monthly fees, NO contracts.
  • 100% of surcharge settled daily to an ATM owner's bank account.
  • 100% of vault cash is settled daily to an ATM owner's bank account.
  • Certified technicians on staff for Hyosung, Hantle, Triton. 24-hour technical assistance. Free technical support.
  • Secured Internet-based reporting for remote 24-hour machine monitoring and customized reports. Free real-time online machine monitoring and reports. Our system will report machine balances, dollar revenue, transaction totals, and trends.
  • Free 24/7 claims resolution center.
  • At ATM Colorado, our network providers use only the best ATM equipment and processing services available.


1. You must be installing or already have an ATM machine installed in an approved location within the 50 US States.

2. You must pass the standard credit and background check related to operating an ATM machine.

There are various forms needed to create or register an ATM with us. Here is a list of the forms, and the description of those forms needed for the preparation of installing an ATM machine:

1. ATM Operator

This is a credit release form. Visa requires these checks, to make sure someone with a criminal history does not have access to banking equipment.

2. ACH Authorization

We will need exhibit 3, along with a voided check for each different account that you use.

3. Terminal Installation

This form is required to correctly set up your terminal for ATM processing. It contains information directly related to the terminal.

4. Copy of a Photo ID

It will take a minimum of 24 hours to complete your registration. To request an ATM Processing package, please contact us.