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Of course, Yes! After all, the cashless society is the new norm these days in most industries in Colorado, especially dispensaries. Gone are the days of carrying those green bags full of cash and coins!

Though options are plenty to make payment, most people prefer ATM transactions and online banking. On the contrary, a few like to stick to the conventional payment methods! That’s why apart from accepting credit cards in colorado dispensaries, other options are available here equally.

However, the dispensaries go for ATM installations at their place and consider credit card transactions than apps payments. In today’s blog, we are here to enlighten WHY!

Reasons for accepting credit cards in colorado dispensaries

As mentioned, carrying cash remains behind in the race with credit cards and smartphone app payments. But for the dispensaries, ATM transactions and credit cards are more convenient than other options. It’s because:

Cash carrying and payment

According to a source, most dispensaries don’t want to take cash, considering it a burden! People pay around 30% more while able to pay for the plastic with the medicines. And getting so many dollars on hand harms the dispensaries!

Firstly, they have to give the change when you have done the payment in cash. Secondly, there increases the public safety risk for the customers and dispensaries too. Recent researches show that so much on-hand cash transactions in dispensaries enhance the chances of armed robbery.

Mobile app payments

You will not have any risk of losing your card or cash while making payment or withdrawing cash from the dispensary ATM. It’s about just matching the QR code, fill the amount, and pay!

However, here comes the risk for the dispensaries of getting theft because every online option is not safe and convenient to accept payment from any random customers. They can lose all their hard earnings at a time while getting payments through such online apps.

Credit card and ATM transaction

This option eases both risks mentioned above for the dispensaries. Most dispensaries in Colorado these days go for cashless credit card transactions. It takes just a few seconds to access the card and make payment while reducing the risks of huge on-hand cash transactions.

Also, cash is easy to lose and drop while taking it out from your wallet or drawer while returning the pennies! Yet, considering this payment option quite makes sense for the dispensaries.

On the other hand, many dispensaries ask us to install no-cost ATMs at their site even when allowing credit cards from the customers. It’s for those who don’t carry cash always but prefer paying cash on hand than using credit cards. Having ATMs in their business place allows buyers cash withdrawal on the spot.

Still, These are better options than carrying dollars all along and getting theft online!

Anyway, credit card transactions in Colorado dispensaries are on hold because of the outbreak of COVID-19 these days! Hence, if you want to have an ATM at your dispensary now to ease the transaction, we are here to help you out! From installation to repair and maintenance- you will get all covered! Stay in touch for more blogs!

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