5 Warning Signs Your ATM Needs an Immediate Repair

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No one wants to see the ‘out of order’ sign on an ATM. It’s truly frustrating and scary when an ATM is unable to give you money. ATMs are a convenient way to deposit and withdraw cash even if the bank is closed. They allow you to withdraw money whenever you want. Therefore, If something goes wrong and there is not a person nearby to help, the situation may get complicated.

Hence, to keep your ATM functional and avoid losing your customers, it’s wise to conduct servicing and maintenance on your machine. Below are the common issues when an ATM needs immediate repair.

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When Your ATM Needs Repairing Services

Faulty ATM Dispenser

A rare but frustrating issue that can occur in an ATM is a faulty dispenser. It means that after inserting a debit or credit card into an ATM and entering the PIN, when you select the cash withdrawal option, the machine fails to dispense cash. Or the machine is unable to give the right amount of cash. And unfortunately, it’s shown that the customer’s account has been debited with the full amount. This type of issue needs immediate repair as it creates a hassle for ATM owners, customers, and the issuing bank.

If an ATM is unable to withdraw cash, customers may file a claim against the owner. Then, as an ATM owner, you need to call ATM professionals to get it repaired. You need to watch surveillance videos to check what happened during that transaction. However, a faulty dispenser can be a headache for ATM owners. It can be a security risk. That is why regular maintenance is recommended to prevent it from happening.

Broken Keypad

A keypad is necessary where customers enter their PIN and the amount of money to complete a transaction. But most ATMs still have a physical keypad, which can be broken over time. And that is what causes an ATM to become unusable. A button on the keypad may become stuck. It may not respond when pressed.

Well, this is an issue that you need to get repaired by ATM professionals. Make sure they have the expertise to disassemble the ATM and figure out the reasons the keypad is not working.

A Faulty Card Reader

Debit and credit cards come with a dark stripe on their back. The lines are nothing but magnetic strips that contain specific details about the card and the owner. When a card is swiped at an ATM, the reader will verify the information before authorizing the transaction. But if an ATM is excessively used, the card reader can wear out. As a result, the machine will unable to read the card and cannot verify the card holder’s banking information. But there is nothing to get worried about! The ATM professional you hire will examine the reader to check whether it needs to be cleaned, repaired, or replaced.

Software Malfunctions

Nowadays, ATM technology is getting advanced day by day. You will find many ATMs with a touch screen and other technologies that rely on the software to malfunction. It means these ATMs can have software glitches. Do you have an ATM like that? Then the software needs an update on a daily basis. And an ATM can even malfunction with regular maintenance. So, leave your machine to the ATM experts who have the expertise to scan the ATM for viruses, install and update software and fix any glitches.

Receipt Malfunctions

To get a record of ATM transactions, customers need a paper receipt. It can help them identify the location and time of the transaction in case of any issue with an ATM. Over time, an ATM can have an issue with dispensing a paper receipt. Maybe, the machine has run out of paper. There can be a jam in the ATM, which deters it from dispensing the receipt. Or the printer is out of ink. As the receipt contains vital information about transactions, it’s imperative to get it repaired as early as possible.

So, these are the issue that you need professional help to eliminate. But be aware of ATM frauds happening all over the world. Nowadays, scammers use various devices to access card numbers and PINs. For example, a skimmer is a malicious card reader that scans the magnetic strip of every card. These are small and can be fitted properly over the card reader slot. The thieves er not silly. They know the innovative ways to access your cash. They even use pinhole cameras to record a user’s PIN.

Final Words

However, a malfunctioning ATM can be frustrating. And not fixing it right away can cost you more in lost surcharge fees. So, why not contact our professionals to eliminate these issues? We can be a one-stop solution for your ATM. We are available 24/7 hours to provide customer support. So, rely on us! And read our other blogs to know more!

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