Want to Install an ATM? Don’t Ignore These 5 Crucial Parts!

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The functionality of a machine depends on its components. It’s true for every kind of technology. A smartphone is dead if its battery is shot. Similarly, an ATM is no exception to this rule. If one component malfunctions, the whole machine becomes useless. Hence, if you are planning to install an ATM at your store, it’s imperative to be vigilant about the parts of the machine. Let’s look at some of thee them in the following lines.

A Few Important Parts of an ATM


Not all machines become inoperable if the paper supply runs out. Your customers will use your ATM to withdraw cash. But the machine needs to have a healthy paper supply to provide users with a receipt. The receipt entails transaction details in addition to the bank balance of the account holder. Though everyone doesn’t need a receipt, it’s a vital step in the financial record-keeping process. Hence, equip your ATM with a fresh roll of papers.

Functional Screen

The quality of the screen depends on the model of the ATM. If you look at an older one, you will see monochrome displays. But nowadays, the new devices have a beautiful LED screen. It doesn’t matter how advanced your screen is. It becomes a serious matter of concern if the screen doesn’t function properly. A screen is one of the most vital parts of an ATM as it allows users to navigate their transactions. Therefore, if any issue occurs, call ATM experts as early as possible to repair or replace the device.

Card Readers

Your ATM will not be useful if it is not able to read the card inserted into it. And it’s not a matter of fun. If you get such a report from one of your customers, it can be due to faulty strips. But if you get reports continuously, you need to get your machine inspected. It’s truly frustrating for ATM users that one of its vital functions is not working.


What else is good about an ATM if it’s not able to dispense cash? Hence, before choosing a company for ATM placement, make sure the experts take responsibility for cash loading. Loading your ATM with cash is vital to its functionality. And it’s a job that you cannot do on your own.


The keyboards and buttons of your ATM should be durable. It’s because thousands of fingers press on these buttons every day. And these are not foolproof. In an older machine, you will see printed iconography on its buttons. But nowadays, most ATMs are designed in such a way that the cardholders can meet their needs even if the buttons are worn down. But why take this risk with this kind of thing? The ATM users don’t accept any errors regarding the matter of their money. Therefore, if you observe wear and tear on the ATM buttons, get them repaired.

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