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Everyone is well informed about the fact – how dramatically novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has changed people’s life since the first case was confirmed in the Nation. Plexiglas barriers, face masks, frequent hand sanitizing, and social distancing – these all become the new norm.

Since most companies have reopened after several months of working from home, employers should pay attention to adequately protect their employees. Besides following the workplace’s safety guidelines provided by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), companies are creatively making the returns to work less anxious. And that’s where many companies have preferred an ATM placement at the workplace.

Get more information on this regard or how it benefits a workplace in the following paragraphs.

Safe Cash Withdrawal from on-site ATM

Having an ATM installed at the workplace is advantageous in different ways. It allows employees to take out cash and do routine banking conveniently. Installing an ATM on-site will help to keep your staff safer in the current post-COVID-19 world by saving the valuable time of employees, helping them save more paychecks with minimum to zero transaction fees apart.

Cash is essentials for all your workers, especially the hourly employees. And according to recent statistics, about 42% of under $25 transactions and 50% under $10 transactions are in cash. And more importantly, families that have less than $25,000 annual earnings prefer cash over other transaction methods.

ATM at the workplace, exclusively for staff use, ensures the safety of your employees. And it is hugely appreciated by employees as well. Following are the ways it helps.

Social Distancing & Disinfecting:

By choosing the safest location for an on-site automated teller machine, employers can ensure none except the employees use it. And the controls on other variables, such as frequent cleaning and sanitizing, are in addition to the protection. The employer can have full control over the use of ATMs by establishing perimeters for social distancing, restricting traffic, and more, unlike public ATMs.

Cash is Safe:

While the virus can spread from the surface of cash and ATM, the virus lives on porous surfaces for about 24 hours. And it is unlikely that your employees get cash by ATM processing handled by someone (may or may not be infected) in this time frame.

Reduced Physical Danger:

Using an on-site ATM helps reduce the physical danger that you might face using those public machines. It offers employees just more than a clean environment. There is little to no chance that thieves will have access to the ATM and hack the machine, including all card numbers or more violate crimes.

Time Saver for Employees:

Another benefit of having an ATM at the workplace is saving time. How much time is crucial for a person understood well by the hourly employees. It profoundly and positively affects the hourly workers when their employer installs an on-site ATM at the workplace.

Saving More of Their Paycheck:

Employees can save even more of the hard-earned paycheck with the surcharge-free options.

Now that you understand how you can provide your employees peace of mind for safe transactions and workplace safety, you can contact us for ATM installation. Read other blogs for more details.

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