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Needless to say, when you have a plan to boost your income and foot traffic in your store, ATM could be the best option! With more people through the door of your business premises allow having additional revenue with the surcharge fee. On the contrary, it ensures your customers an easy transaction experience if buying any product from your shop.

Yes, we will provide you with ATM installation at your place and cash loading free of cost. Still, you have to do a little bit of homework and research before getting one!

Simple preparations to take before ATM installation

As mentioned, ATM installation is a great idea for local business and its growth. But if you want to make your space a good fit for this electronic benefit transfer, follow these tips! Such as:

Look over the profits!

ATM installation in Colorado is beneficial for local business owners like you unless having less than 200 customers at your store. Without having a potential earning, installing an ATM doesn’t make sense!

The more people come through the door, the higher the surcharge fee you will earn with their ATM usage! Anyway, the calculation can differ when you have a credit card option to make payments. Few people may use the ATM in this case that you have to keep in mind before installation!

Measure your space!

As we are offering no-cost ATM installation, it doesn’t mean that you have no work to do except hiring us! The first and foremost thing is to arrange space in your store where you want to have the machine.

The measurement will help you pick the right ATM model that can fit here while leaving enough space for the customers to move and stand in a gap. After all, you need to take care of the social distancing too!

Get a phone line and power!

Do you have these connections? If not, make sure to get that! An ATM installation at business requires 24/7 power and an available phone line. Or else your customers may experience challenges to complete the banking transactions properly.

Choose the right model!

Once you have determined all the above points, it gets simple to decide on an ATM model. Remember that the ATM features must be easy for your customers, while the vault size should fit your space.

Also, never compromise the lock security to save a few dollars! It’s better to hit your pocket a little more than risking your and your customers’ privacy!

Was it helpful? We hope so! In fact, even if your store has a credit card transaction convenience, it’s better to consider ATM installation because of the outbreak of COVID-19! For more blogs, stay in touch!

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