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No one wants to see an ‘out of order’ sign in an ATM. Each customer expects a well-functioning machine when they need cash. And as an ATM owner, it’s your responsibility to provide convenient access. But it’s common for an ATM to malfunction. Anything may happen at any time. Hence, it’s wise to be aware of a few ATM error codes that you will definitely see throughout the tenure of your ownership. These errors can easily be fixed by yourself. So, let’s explore in detail in the following passage.

A Few Common ATM Error Codes

ATM error codes aim to diagnose a problem and keep the machine working properly. These will guide you on the right repair strategy. There are dozens of ATM error codes you will come across. But this blog has identified a few common ones and learn how to fix them.


1.40047 – Dispense Error

This code indicates that the dispenser of an ATM is not working properly. And there is a cassette misfeed. However, to fix this issue, check whether there are bills jammed or not. Clean the dispenser properly. But if the problem still persists, you need to exchange the cassette box.


2.D1500 – Connection Error

The code refers to a modem disconnection. If the host can’t respond in 60 seconds, this issue can take place. In this regard, you have to verify the host phone number and modem speed. If they are consistent, your modem may be defective. Then you need to contact the telephone company.

There can be excessive line noise, which is why the modem can’t support the connection properly. This issue usually takes place when the phone line connected to the machine can’t support data communication. But you can fix it with the help of an in-line filter.

Another reason can be due to excessive EMI transmission from outside sources. Besides, programming issues can be majorly responsible for it. In this situation, you will have no option other than to call the experts you appointed for ATM setup.


3.20013 – No Receipt Paper

Two things can happen if you receive this error. The receipt paper may be empty. Or, there may be a printer jam or other obstacles. If you still face trouble, opt for the paper reset switch. If the printer is not working, it may require servicing.


4.20002 – Low or No Cash

If the low cash warning sensor in an ATM is open, you will see this error code. The sensor works when the cassette reaches almost 75 bills. If your ATM is stocked with a low amount of bills, you need to disable this function. And to eliminate the error, feed the ATM, of course!


5.F000F – Incorrect Terminal ID

An ATM will show the error code if the terminal ID is not set or set improperly. You have to check it in the host setup.


Bottom Line

Hope, after reading this blog, you can conduct your ATM business briskly. But in terms of any major issue, contact us to attain assistance. From ATM processing to maintenance, we can meet all your ATM needs.

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