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Your ATM only makes money when people use it. So, to pick the best ATM placement, you will need to consider the places where people need to access cash machines the most. A poor location does not mean your business won’t be profitable. It simply implies that you might not make as much as you could.

But don’t worry; we won’t let your revenues drop. If you are confused about where to install your cash machine, continue reading our list of best locations for ATMs!

ATM Placement Locations That Are Most Profitable In Colorado!

Large establishments that get high traffic are the most preferred places for ATMs. Here are some of the examples you can consider for your machines:

1. Casinos

ATMs in large casinos get a lot of traffic, and the surcharge fees also tend to be a bit higher. They can provide great profit for your ATM. That said, casino ATMs can be difficult to obtain. If you have pre-existing relations, then the process can get much more straightforward. Or maybe you offer a service that can benefit the owners and customers of that casino!

2. Hotels

Traffic to your ATM will depend on the size and success of the hotel, of course. But even if the machine is in front of a large to a medium hotel, it can witness around 150 to 200 transactions monthly. In these scenarios, reviews can play a crucial role. Hotels with good reviews bring in more guests, hence more traffic to your machine.

3. Convenience Store And Gas Station

Shopping in convenience stores and gas stations is easy, and thus, many people prefer these locations and the services around them. These locations are easy to find, and the ATM placement at these spots is also more ideal as they provide a greater sense of security.

4. Near Your Business

Night clubs, salons, restaurants, parking lots, and microbreweries are great to attract people to your machine. However, your own business can also be an ideal spot for it. All you have to do is make sure it’s in a visible place. Plus, it can bring more customers to your business.

Regardless of which location you choose, we can help you with your ATM placement for free. So, if you need any help concerning maintaining your machine or its cash flow, feel free to contact us. And for informative content like this one, stay tuned!

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