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Gone are the days when people visit banks to access cash, and it’s the only way to get so! But it’s not an ideal option for full-time workers at all! Anyway, ATMs have come with the ultimate solution in this era, whether for businesses or individuals. But do you know that ATM placement is a great idea to expand your business and earn revenues?


That’s right! You can lease an ATM and make a free installation at your business premises or buy one! But which one comes with a better opportunity for you? We can help you get over this confusion and make a better decision!



Using free ATM placement or Buying one: Which is better?


According to a recent survey, 83% of people prefer carrying debit cards more than cash! They go to the nearest ATM for cash withdrawal before visiting any retail store, restaurant, or pharmacy.


And when your customers get that convenience at your place, who would go outside! Now, let’s decide whether you should go for free ATM placement or Owning a new ATM. Generally, anyone would love to go for the ‘FREE!’ Still, more reasons are there to do so! Such as:


NO expenses for leasing but YES for buying!

When your business has more than 200 customer visits every day, placing an ATM is a great option. But owning one can cost $10000 minimum that can differ and go high depending on the latest model! Can you afford that much?


And even if yes, you cannot get more returns than what you have invested! Hence, it’s better to go for an ATM placement program and lease one free of cost while earning the surcharge fees! Double savings!


Upfront expenses!

While buying an ATM for your business, you have to pay and take care of its maintenance, indeed! Of course, you don’t want your customers complaining that your machine doesn’t work!


But with a free ATM placement program, you can leave all this stress on the provider! Our technicians will be at your place for free maintenance whenever you ask them! We have 24/7 technical support!


Cash loading!

Just like the maintenance, it’s also your responsibility to load the cash in the ATM while owning it. But while leasing a no-cost ATM, the service provider would come to your place and load it with cash when required! You need not worry about having cash on hand for it!


Advertisement screening!

Yes, it’s possible in both cases whether you buy or lease an ATM. But while owning the machine, all your earning would flow in managing those maintenance expenses and labor costs.


In the free ATM placement program, the profit percentage is higher than the previous one. But make sure that you have a certain amount of foot traffic every day!


So, have you understood why leasing is a better option for ATMs at the business? Now, if you need an ATM installation at your place, contact us! Our technicians will be there, and all you need is to provide space and internet service!

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