A Few Maintenance Tips to Run your ATM Business Smoothly

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Installing an ATM at a retail store can encourage greater foot traffic. It can boost the revenue of businesses by offering customers the convenience of attaining cash. Hence, each business owner must emphasize keeping their ATMs in good condition. Otherwise, a faulty ATM may even lead a business to be collapsed.


However, if you are planning to offer this facility to your customer, make sure you maintain your ATM properly. And that’s where this blog will help. Here, you will come across a few maintenance tips that will help you run your ATM business briskly. So, keep on reading!


First of all, know the various parts of an ATM device that you need to maintain for its proper functioning.


Different Parts of ATM That One Needs to Maintain


Listed below are the major parts of an ATM that you should maintain.


Screen: The Screen is a vital part of an ATM, which requires proper cleaning regularly. People put their dirty imprints on the screen. And these are what leave this machine with stains and stubborn marks. So, get it cleaned regularly with a soft and damp cloth. And for a touch screen, it’s best to use an antiseptic wet wipe.


Card Reader: This sensitive portion comes with magnetic stripe particles. And it may stop functioning due to accumulated dust and skin oil. It mainly happens because of the frequent usage of machines. Well, to get your ATM eliminated from such dirt, clean the card reader by using a wet cleaning swab.


Cash Dispenser: It’s a portion from where loads of currency notes come out in a short time. Due to the continuous usage of ATM, dust is stored in the dispenser. And the rollers run dry for dispensing notes at a fast speed. Well, whatever you need to do is to blow out the dust accumulated in the dispenser. And use a lubricant to make the rollers smooth.


Now, let’s explore the ATM maintenance tips in the following lines.


Tips to Maintain Your ATM


Follow these maintenance tips to keep your ATM well-functioning.


1. Make Sure Your Software is Up To Date


Software is one of the most crucial parts of ATM functioning. So, make sure you always use the updated software. You might have heard that the number of ATM users is falling each year due to ATM cybercrime. People become victims of cash trapping, card skimming, transaction reversal fraud, etc. And if you have an old ATM model, it is more susceptible to these attacks.Hence, as an ATM owner, you should take all the precautionary measures, like software update to prevent this issue. Contact the experts of the ATM company to implement the latest cybersecurity practice. Besides, you should apply to a whitelist to block malware.


2. Strengthen the Security of Your ATM


The ATMs located in high-traffic areas are more profitable. But at the same time, these ATMs are vulnerable to theft and crime. Even the ATMs which are not located in high-traffic areas can also be the target of crimeHence, to strengthen the security of your ATM, pay attention to the basics first, like solid locks. If you are concerned about the machine’s lock, get it upgraded. You can also go for security seals for loss prevention applications include labels and tape, tamper-indicating ATM cassette seals.


Many ATM owners use adhesive-backed door height markers to determine the height of potential intruders.


3. Go for a Strategic Cash Replenishment Routine


Cash replenishment is one of the most important parts of running an ATM business. However, replenish the OEM cassettes at a time. And take a look at the stack of cash to ensure there are no torn and counterfeit bills. It’s also imperative to make sure that all bills are in the right denomination.


4. Inspect the Machine


To protect your customers from fraud, inspect the machine thoroughly. Check the ATM to find whether there are any signs of tampering. Focus on the entire machine for any unusual attachment and drilled holes. Besides, you should inspect the card reader from both in and out for skimming devices.


However, maintaining your ATM can significantly boost the growth of your business. Most importantly, this will give you peace of mind. So, follow these guidelines and take advice from ATM specialists.

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