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ATM Setup

ATM Setup

  •   Remove ATM from the box and unbolt it from the pallet.
  •   Install topper and cash dispenser ( for some models).
  •   Attach all the decals to the ATM, including the surcharge sticker, the bank notice, bank branding and the topper displays. Change the safe combination from the factory default to the merchant’s choice.
  •   Place the ATM near power outlets (110V) and phone or data lines. It is recommended to use a dedicated analog phone line or static IP address network connection.
  •   Secure machine to the floor with anchors. There are 4 predrilled holes hidden in the base of the ATM machine that are used for mounting.
  •   Turn the power on.
  •   Select menu options and enter location related data: business name, business address, welcome screen content etc.
  •   Change the master password and select the merchant password for account usage.
  •   Enter the primary and backup phone numbers for host communication, terminal ID and routing ID information.
  •   Enter the encryption key strings, which the processor provides. (Should be mailed to the business location).
  •   Destroy the encryption keys after the entry.
  •   Perform a download or exit supervisor mode. If all data has been entered correctly, a welcome screen appears.
  •   Use your card to perform a balance inquiry and an invalid PIN transaction to verify interaction with processor.
  •   Do they need to make pictures?

Customer Service

For customers who purchased ATM equipment with processing service on www.atmcolorado.com,
we are offering free technical support during the normal business hours:


Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 9:00 PM, Mountain Time

After hours support: $10 for each call.


Technical support phone numbers will be provided to our customers via email upon ATM processing application approval.
We could arrange Professional Programming and Installation services at an extra charge of $400.

ATM Monitoring

1. Access to the web monitoring system will be provided upon ATM terminal activation. With ATM monitoring you can access timely and up to minute transaction data on any of your ATMs, at any time of a day.

2. This feature ensures your ATMs are running and generation you income; not down due to a lack of money or a misted bill. If your ATM partner relationship is full-service, then our system provides you piece-of-mind that customers are never inconvenienced.